The L’Oréal Paris “Dream Team”
Ambassadors / Artists / Actresses / Activists

An icon of French beauty all over the world, L’Oréal Paris represents beauty in all its diverse forms. We believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ vision; beauty is universally unique. The famous L'Oréal Paris “Dream Team” is made up of ambassadors from all origins and backgrounds, including icons from the film, fashion and music industries. These exceptional women are the brand’s international spokespeople, reflecting the diversity of our customers – whatever their age, whatever their origin. Each in her unique way, upholds and empowers a particular female strength, inspiring others to fulfil their talents every day through their commitment to causes that echo our values of feminism, inclusivity, equal rights and sustainability.

Brand Section Ambassadors AJA NAOMI KING

AJA NAOMI KING: Radiant Humanist

An actress and graduate of Yale who advocates for helping kids build confidence and creativity through performance and writing, and raises awareness on anxiety and confidence issues. 

Brand Section Ambassadors AMBER HEARD

AMBER HEARD: Modern Superheroine

Witty and smart, Amber defies stereotypes and is committed to making her voice heard. 
She is an outspoken advocate for equality in Hollywood, children’s and LGBTQ rights.

Brand Section Ambassadors ANDIE MACDOWELL

ANDIE MACDOWELL: Timeless, Generous Beauty

With her dazzling smile and sense of humor, Andie MacDowell symbolizes graceful aging for women worldwide. An outspoken voice against ageism in the movie industry, she also advocates to fight against crimes against humanity.

Brand Section Ambassadors BEBE VIO GRANDIS


Poster girl for living life to its fullest, Bebe Vio Grandis embodies the idea that misfortune can be transformed into something glorious. She has become a global symbol of resilience and dedication. Her story of triumph over adversity has inspired people all over the world. In addition to rubbing shoulders with some of the most influential political leaders in the world, she has also won countless Paralympic awards, published two best-selling books and graced numerous magazines.

Brand Section Ambassadors CAMILA CABELLO

CAMILA CABELLO: A Voice for Change

Despite her young age, she is a force to be reckoned with in the music world. She famously left her former girl band Fifth Harmony because of the pressure to always be sexy on camera and on stage, and believes in using her influence as a voice for change. 

Brand Section Ambassadors CLINE DION

CÉLINE DION: A Living Legend for Women 

The multi-award-winning Canadian vocal powerhouse followed her heart to achieve success. Celine’s relentless work ethic has challenged female stereotypes and inspired so many women on their journey to self-realisation.She is also the creator of a gender-neutral brand for children. 

Brand Section Ambassadors CINDY BRUNA

CINDY BRUNA: A Model of Inclusivity

Among the new generation of fashion model activists, Cindy, a fixture on the world’s catwalks, uses her voice to speak up for inclusion and women’s rights. 

Brand Section Ambassadors ELLE FANNING

ELLE FANNING: Natural-Born Actress

The poster girl for the natural look is a force to be reckoned with. At the tender age of 22, she is celebrated as one of our era’s most accomplished stars. Outspoken about gender equality, she is a big advocate of the Stand Up Program. 

Brand Section Ambassadors EVA LONGORIA

EVA LONGORIA: Fiery Latina Success Story

Beloved by women around the world, she runs her own production company and devotes much of her time to helping Latina women reach their potential through education,gender equality issues and promoting a sense of entrepreneurship in women. 

Brand Section Ambassadors HELEN MIRREN

HELEN MIRREN: Queen of Stage and Screen

One of just a few actresses to have achieved the Triple Crown of Acting; winning an Academy award, an Emmy and a Tony award. She is a firm advocate of the “end of anti-aging,” and has been very active on both stage and screen since the mid-Sixties. The British acting legend supports a range of NGOs, and Women for Women International.

Brand Section Ambassadors HER V2

Gen Z’s Voice for Worth

Grammy-and Oscar-award winning singer songwriter H.E.R. uses music to share her truth in overcoming self-doubt and standing against injustice.

Brand Section Ambassadors JAHA DUKUREH

JAHA DUKUREH: Fearless Activist

After undergoing FGM as a newborn, she was forced into marriage at 15, and has made it her life’s cause to denounce such practices. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018, Jaha is a leader in the movement to end female genital mutilation and child marriage. 

Brand Section Ambassadors KATHERINE LANGFORD

KATHERINE LANGFORD: A Role Model and Millennial Icon

The Australian actress is a role model in the struggle for self-confidence for millions of teenagers, and she uses her social media as a platform to speak out on mental health awareness. She also advocates for equal rights and opportunities for women in acting.

Brand Section Ambassadors LUMA GROTHE

LUMA GROTHE: Best Supporting Female

As an international model and an empathetic woman Luma never hesitates to share her personal experiences to connect with people and raise awareness of women’s rights and in particular, against street harassment. Currently studying film making, she is working on a documentary about violence against women. 

Brand Section Ambassadors SOO JOO

SOO JOO: Creative Muse for a Generation

Renowned as a model and famous DJ, Soo Joo is the incarnation of a creative, fearless generation embracing an arty lifestyle. The South Korean model openly speaks out for more inclusivity in the fashion world, in the press and on social media.

Brand Section Ambassadors VIOLA DAVIS

VIOLA DAVIS: A Voice for Self-Confidence and Inclusivity

The first black actor to have achieved the “Triple Crown” of acting; winning an Academy award, an Emmy and two Tony awards. Viola is recognized internationally for her support of human rights and is renowned for her empowering publicly spoken engagements. 

Brand Section Ambassadors KATE WINSLET


Oscar winning actress Kate Winslet is the latest brand ambassador for L'Oréal Paris. As a vocal advocate for positive self-worth and equal rights, Ms. Winslet and L'Oréal Paris are a perfect match.