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Preference Balayage
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What is Balayage?

Balayage is a lightening technique of free-hand painting highlights onto hair for a soft, natural gradation.

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Balayage Results​

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DIY Balayage At Home

How to Balayage at Home

If you like what you see above, we have good news! One of the top services offered at salons now has an option to DIY at home. Nervous about trying DIY Balayage? Read more about how to Balayage at home.


Preference Balayage

Available Now

Preference Balayage allows you to create luminous, salon-inspired highlights at home.
The easy-to-use Expert Applicator and Pro Toning Mask are the perfect combination to achieve a multi-dimensional and natural-looking Balayage.

How to Balayage At Home

  • Step 1

    Conduct an allergy test of the Pro Toning Mask 48 hours before application.

  • Step 2

    When ready to apply, pour the Activating Powder into the Developer, then add the Lightening Cream to the mixture & shake.

  • Step 3

    Pour mixture into a non-metallic bowl.

  • Step 4

    Part your hair where you normally style every day. Place the applicator tool on two fingers and dip the applicator bristles gently into your lightening mixture.

  • Step 5

    Beginning on one side of the head, pull the selected strand away from your head. Begin with the loaded applicator tool at your desired starting point. Brush the mixture along the hair strand in one smooth motion. Continue process throughout desired strands. PRO TIP: “For more subtle contrast, leave lightener on for minimum processing time (25 minutes.) For more distinct contrast, leave lightener on for full processing time (45 minutes.)”- L’Oreal Paris Labs

  • Step 6

    Using your lightening preview test as a guide, let it develop between 25-45 minutes depending on your desired Balayage result.

  • Step 7

    Keeping gloves on, thoroughly rinse hair with lukewarm water. Then apply regular shampoo to remove any excess product. Rinse hair again before towel drying hair.

  • Step 8

    Apply the Pro Toning Mask throughout your hair, with a focus on the starting point of your new Balayage strands. After 5-10 minutes, rinse hair until water runs clear. PRO TIP: For a more blended, natural-looking highlight, apply the pro toning mask to the root area and leave on for 5-10 minutes, depending on your desired color result. If you love the way your highlights look after using Preference Balayage and don’t want to tone, there is no need to use the pro toning mask!

  • Step 9

    Style as usual and voila!

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Balayage?
In French, the word Balayage means to sweep. Balayage highlights are painted onto the hair typically using a brush. It’s all about where you think the highlight will look the best. The goal of Balayage is to leave your hair with naturally blended highlights and added dimension.
How is Balayage applied?
Per the French meaning of the word, “to sweep”, the technique involves painting softly on the surface of the hair. We recommend making very light strokes on the hair – avoiding painting an entire section to ensure maintaining a natural, effortless dimension. We do not recommend painting on previously lightened hair. For any questions, please text our Haircolor Concierge at 833-856-7325!
What is the difference between Highlights and Balayage?
Balayage is a freehand technique whereas Highlights traditionally use foiling or cap techniques. With Balayage, the result is more natural and with foils, you get a more uniform finish. Balayage is faster and easier to apply than foil or cap highlights.
How often should I Balayage my hair?
The benefit of Balayage is that since the process leaves your hair with naturally blended highlights, it results in a more natural-looking grow out process. If you prefer longer periods of time between highlighting, we encourage you to apply away from your hair root – avoiding a sharp regrowth line and allowing a more natural dimension of hair during growth. If you prefer to Balayage your hair from root to tip, we recommend retouching at your roots every 6-8 weeks depending on the speed of your hair growth.
How long does Balayage last?
Since the nature of Balayage is achieving naturally blended highlights, the process results in a more natural-looking grow out. Because of this, your Balayage can last up to 6 months, excluding any additional lightening or cutting.
How can I maintain my Balayage?
To keep your Balayage looking fresh, we recommend continued maintenance by glossing with L’Oreal Paris Le Color Gloss every 10 days. (Please see FAQ #7 for our recommended shade pairings.)
What shade of Le Color Gloss is recommended to help maintain my Balayage?
We recommend the following pairings for ideal at-home glossing: For Preference Balayage Light Blonde to Dark Blonde Hair use Cool Blonde Le Color Gloss, For Preference Balayage Dark Blonde to Light Brown Hair use Smoky Bronde Le Color Gloss, and for Preference Balayage Medium Brown to Dark Brown Hair use Cool Brunette Le Color Gloss. For any additional assistance, please text our Haircolor Concierge at 833-856-7325!
What are the Preference Balayage shades?
Preference Balayage comes in 3 options: For Light Blonde to Dark Blonde Hair, For Dark Blonde to Light Brown Hair, and For Medium Brown to Dark Brown Hair.
What developer comes in the Preference Balayage kit?
The Preference Balayage Light Blonde to Dark Blonde and Dark Blonde to Light Brown options both include a 30-volume developer. The Preference Balayage Medium Brown to Dark Brown option includes a 15-volume developer.
Is the pro toning mask the same inside each kit?
No. Each kit has a unique pro toning mask that has been specially calibrated to the specific starting base level on each kit.
Is Preference Balayage suitable for all hair types?
Yes, Preference Balayage is suitable for all hair types.
Do I need long hair to Balayage?
No, Preference Balayage is suitable for all hair lengths.
How should I prep my hair before using Preference Balayage?
Apply Preference Balayage on clean, dry hair.